Top 10 Best Led Bulb Lights Detail in India

In your house every room is different so every rooms needs a light. Here we are introduce the 10 best LED light details list in India. LEDs is the most famous and existing technology in the lighting companies as it can consumes 90 percent electricity then the other bulbs and tubelights. They are durable, ragged and long lasting. Therefore, making them quality the investment to our homes, commercial places, office.
led bulb lights
That’s we are focusing on viewing the best LED in India for you to consider. Prime Minister Narendra Modi govt also raised awareness of used LED lights and bulbs in all Indian homes. No doubt in near future you are see LED Bubs, Tubelight in every person homes as well as LED Street light on each way you wanted to go.
Here is the list of LED light details in India.

1) Philips Base B22 9-Watt LED Bulb

The Philips LED Bulb is low energy consumption with a lifetime of 15000 hours and 1R free light. This bulb is in the room it is good for eyes and achieving good health. Where you are work on PC and having a special family time. This LED bulbs gives peace of mind.


  • Up to 85% Energy saving.
  • 15000 hours of lifetime.
  • 6500k Temperature.
  • 82LM lumens.

2) Syska SSK-SRL Base B22 9-Watt LED Bulb

Syska 9 watt bulb is non-toxic,no mercury and no lead. It is a long lasting bulb. It consume low energy consumption.this LED bulb consume less power and it has a life 5000 days.


  • 9 watts LED bulbs.
  • Non-Toxic LED bulbs.
  • Greater then 900 Lumens.
  • Input Voltage: AC220~240v,50hz.


  • Two years warranty on product.

3) Philips T Bulb Base B22 10 Watt LED Bulb

If you compare with any bulb holder this T shape LED bulb from Philips is look like elegant and stylish. This bulb provide wider and brighter light throughout the room. It is comes with two year warranty.


  • 10Watt LED bulbs.
  • Awesome look T shape.
  • Wider light spread.
  • Swivelling body action.


  • 2 years warranty on product.

4) Halonix Radar B22 LED Bulb Radar 10 W

This is Advance features of auto off LED bulbs. Which means this bulbs is automatically off. This bulb has a one year warranty from the purchase.


  • 10Watt LED bulbs.
  • Auto on off after one minutes.


  • One year warranty date on purchase.

5) Wipro Garnet Base B22 10-Watt LED Bulb

Wipro 10 watts LED light has a 240 degree beam angle which give you a wide light in the room. This bulb has a zero mercury. This bulb is easy to Install and it has a one year warrany.


  • 10 watt LED bulbs.
  • Voltage:100-300Volts.
  • 240 Degree Beam angle.


  • One year warranty on product.

6) Yeelight Crystal Motion Sensor Ceiling Light Mini

The Yeelight Crystal is made up of protective wires. It has a sleek and small design. This LED light AC voltage range is 220~240Volts. 5700 kelvin its colour temperature. It comes with 670 lm of brightness. This light is suitable for bedroom and living room.


  • 10 watt consume energy.
  • 670 lm is a brightness value.
  • Its built up steel plate and crystal glass.
  • It is eco friendly light.
  • Anti mosquito features.
  • Automatically on-off features.


  • One year warranty on product.

7) LIGHTINGWORLD Glass Hanging Pendant Ceiling Light Without Filament Bulb

Our next best Bulb details in India is one of the best product. It is hanging ceiling light its look so beautiful. It is a set of 3 bulbs. It is use to easy and simple. You have to use E27 holder while you fixing the bulbs.


  • Glass Materaial is thick enough to sustain its movement.
  • 3Bulbs of numbers.
  • Edison Bulb and Dimmer Bulb Of types.
  • It is Black in colour.
  • Its look so attractive.
  • It is convenient to fix it on the living rooms and Kitchen.
  • This bulb is adjustable the height of the hanging ceiling fixture as your requirement.

8) Galaxy 12 watt LED Round Panel Light 6+3 Ceiling POP Down Indoor Light LED 3D Effect Lighting (Double Color) Blue & White Pack of 2

The Galaxy round panel is one of the best ceiling light in our list. This light comes with LED bulbs. It consume low power consumption of about 12w. it is convienent to fix in any wall. It is comes with 3D effects. It is slim light come with 12w with durable colour. The user can change the colour of the light. It is decorative light. This light comes with brightness, energy saving and elegant look. It is long lasting light.


  • 12W energy consumption.
  • 3D effect light with double colour (Blue+White).
  • Super elegant light and high brightness.
  • It has a long life.
  • It is Decorative light.
  • In this light the colour can be change with the flip of switch.
  • 5 inches panel size and cut of size is 4inches.
  • Easy to install.


  • One year warranty on replacement.

9) Royal Fancy Light Glass Pendent Celling Lamp

The Royal Fancy Light Glass Pendent Ceiling Lamp it is the lastest collection of RSK fancy light. This light its fix in everywhere. It is build with premium quality glass material. It comes with brighter lighting and its offer to consume low energy. It is look like very attractive handmade design. Its steel body will give long life durability for your room. This light can be used for decorative purpose. Its looks attract a lot of person and thereby enrich the look of that space.


  • It comes with all fitting fixture like holder, screw and connecting wires also provide.
  • It is graceful and grand.
  • Energy saving, high quality, and high brightness.
  • In this light Glass, steel and plastic material.
  • It is in round shape.
  • In this light has a Filament Bulb.
  • It is suitable for dinning area and bedroom.
  • Its look very attaractive with colorful handmade design on the glass shade.
  • It is build up with premium quality material.
  • In this light its surface mount hanging ceiling lamp.
  • Height can be adjust down and up as per the user want.

10) US DZIRE™ 406 Hanging lamp electric antique Wooden Ceiling Lights(With Gold Bulb)

This wooden hanging lamp consists of 1 holder,1 screw,1 canopy,1 bulb(40w with golden yellow light),4 wire of cotton for grip. This is made with finish quality HDF which is lightweight, strong and durable. It is look stylish and attaractive. Don’t wash the lamp with water, if you want to clean so you can use a wet cloth. It is in elegant look.


  • Lightweighted, strong and durable.
  • It is long lasting with its HDF wood material.
  • Height can be adjust as you want.
  • It is look so attaractive and elegant.
  • It has a CFL, Filament LED, B22, LED,Incandescent bulb.

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